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Welcome to Unit 116, District 5 Home Page


Hell-o Bridge Players,

It’s Election time. I know the biggie is over, but Unit 116 still needs to vote for our new Board members. There are 4 names on the ballot. The three receiving the most votes will serve a three (3) year term and the fourth will serve out the retired member’s one (1) year term. You should be able to find voting boxes at your club or from a current Board member.

The election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, December 2nd at the North Tonawanda Fire Hall. Please see flyer for specifics. It is usually at the end of the ACBL Nationals but not because we prefer that date. The 2nd full week in December is set aside for STaC week and we CANNOT do anything that week. Later in December gets us much too close to holidays. This is an example of scheduling, which gets amazingly difficult.

Tickets Are $15.00 for Unit members and $20.00 for non-members. They are available from any Board member. Current Board members are: John Bava, Carol Bedell, Terry Fraas, Jim Gullo, Barb Libby, Betty Metz, Ed Morgan, Sue Neubecker and Denise Slattery. If you have any problems getting tickets call me at 716-876-2630.

Sue Neubecker
President, Unit 116


Congratulations -
Carol Bedell, Jim Gullo and Betty Metz
will serve  three (3) year term,
John Bava will serve one (1) year term

• • •

Unit 116 Winter Sectional
January  25- 27, 2019
Main Transit Fire Hall
6777 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221

Friday 1/25 Pairs
10:30 am Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
2:30 pm Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
 10:30 am & 2:30pm Double session stratified A/B/C pairs
(Food Truck available for lunch purchase)

Saturday 1/26 Pairs
 10:30 am Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
2:30 pm Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
 10:30 am &2:30pm Double session stratified A/B/C pairs
 (Food Truck will be available for lunch purchase)

Sunday 1/27 Swiss Teams
Swiss Teams
10:30 am Stratified A/B/C (with short break)
 (Subs will be available for purchase)

Stratum “A” – 2000 +, Stratum "B" - 500 to 2000, Stratum "C" - 0 to 500
Pairs and teams stratified by average masterpoints

 Chair: Betty Metz 716-773-7398 bettymetz@roadrunner.com
 Co-chair: Ed Morgan 716-633-4309 relativitysetters@hotmail.com
Partnership: Betty Metz 716-773-7398 bettymetz@roadrunner.com


• • •

 NABC Atlanta 2018



Team Unit 116 in preparation for the event

• • •

So, what’s new since my last report!!! By now, you probably know that eight of our students participated in the national bridge tournament held in Atlanta, Georgia. They are pictured above. The Youth NABC took place August 2-4.  Six of our students received section tops in their level. Two of our students competed on a higher level and received 2.35 gold points. The students were accompanied by their teacher, Jim Gullo. Teacher, parents and students had a wonderful time and were very pleased with their performance.
Next summer, they’re off to Las Vegas for the national bridge tournament. The Youth NABC will be held July 25-27, 2019. We are hoping to encourage more students to attend a national tournament. As we know, it is an unforgettable experience!
Our next set of lessons begins September 16, 2018. We will be offering beginner lessons, intermediate lessons as well as advanced lessons. Fred will handle the beginners, Sharon Benz the intermediate group and Jim the advanced group. From now on we will be using Audrey Grant’s series of books: Bridge Basics 1, 2 and 3 for teaching. We also will encourage parents to attend our lessons to see their students in action. Our goal is to review the basics taught, focus on new areas such as defense and leave as much time as we can for play of the hand.
Las Vegas is coming up and our students will face challenges in a new, higher level of competition. We know they have the ability to do well, but they need to be prepared to do so. We are also encouraging our students to play as often as they can…at tournaments such as our sectionals as well as open games Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons.
As our numbers of students expand, we will need more bridge buddies. The commitment is not lifelong. Reminder: Our lessons are held on Sundays 11:30 am-1:30 pm. If you have time on certain Sundays, do let me know. Most of our volunteers enjoy spending time with the children.

Update November 2018:
We have 24 students, but I do have something to tell you which we are very proud about. We received a student new to the country. This young boy came to the US from China about a month ago and right away, the parents registered him for our youth class. (The Chinese have their values right.) He is very bright, but speaks very little English. Sharon Benz took him under her wing...Ethan Y is his name. He speaks Mandarin Chinese...so Larry Soong who also speaks Mandarin Chinese came to the rescue. About a week ago, Ethan Xie asked me if he could volunteer to help us on Sundays. Of course we said yes and he speaks Mandarin Chinese. Ethan Y attends the same school (Transit Middle) that Ethan Xie does. Once he catches up a little more, Ethan Y can play with Ethan X, sit with the other kids and keep on learning.

Again, my email is lorac5@roadrunner.com.

Carol Bedell
Youth Bridge Coordinator

• • • •

Congratulations to members moving up the Masterpoint "ladder"...

Junior Masters:  Maria Amlani, Daren Liu, Tyler Mu, Willard Pottle, and Ying Wang

Club Master:  Rajarshi Roy                       
Sectional Masters:  Joan Ciszak. Bram Hamovitch, Terry Hamovitch, Carol Neuhaus, Rajarshi Roy, and Lynn Witmer

Regional Master:  Judith Babat

Life Masters:  Mary Ball, Bob Sommerstein and Marilyn Wortzman             
Bronze Life Master:  Linda Zittel

Silver Life Masters: Ron Henrikson, Joyce Greenspan, Roger Lehman, Penny Shui, John Marvin, and Nancy Wolstoncroft

Gold Life Masters:  Art Morth, Bill Rushmore, and Mike Silverman
Sapphire Life Masters: Liz Clark and John Ziemer
• • • •


• • •

Check the Duplicate Bridge column in The Buffalo News each Saturday for weekly game results and other announcements. Unfortunately, space there is limited, but additional results, more complete announcements and other information can be found in the weekly Internet version of the column at www.buffalonews.com. For quickest results, search the words "duplicate bridge" and Saturday's date. For the latest information and detailed game results directly from the clubs, check the web sites of clubs in Western New York.


Welcome to the Western New York Unit 116 website.  Our unit of over 350 dedicated bridge players is part of the American Contract Bridge League’s District Five.  Geographically, we encompass the counties of Erie and Niagara, at the eastern end of Lake Erie and western end of Lake Ontario, in New York State.  We often have players from across the Canadian border playing at our clubs.

Our goal is to promote bridge and support local bridge clubs.   We have six open, active clubs. We host three sectionals each year – January, April/May, and September – as well as a Non-Life Master sectional in the summer.  The District Five Regional is held at the end of October and famously titled “Spooktacular”.  



Coming to Unit 116!

Buffalo Winter Sectional – Main-Transit Fire Hall, 6777 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221
January  25-27, 2019


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