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Welcome to Unit 116, District 5 Home Page



Results ***BUFFALO UNITED***:

Friday Pairs 10:30 am: Session 1

Friday Pairs 2:30 pm: Session 2

Saturday Pairs 10:30 am: Session 3

Saturday Pairs 2:30 pm: Session 4

Sunday Swiss Pairs 10 :30 am: Session 5

Masterpoint Winners:

Saleh Fetouh   4.06
John Welte  3.81
Martha Welte 3.81
David Hemmer 3.59
Randolph Seidenberg Jr  2.75
Rajarshi Roy 2.21
Violet Makhija  2.07
Barbara Libby 2.03
Jasbeer Makhija  1.83
Jay Levy 1.80
Robert Sommerstein  1.63
Lawrence Abate 1.63
Ken Meier  1.35
James Lanzo  1.26
Gay Simpson 1.17
Elbert HargesheimerIII  0.84
Christy Kellogg 0.84
Robert Ciszak 0.84
Vera Carpenter 0.68
Sandra England 0.68
Dale Anderson  0.63
Selina Volpatti 0.63
Teresa Fraas  0.63
Catherine Majewski  0.63
William Rushmore 0.63
Arthur Morth 0.63
Claire Gareleck 0.60
Robert Kaprove 0.60
David Donaldson  0.60
Paula Kotowski 0.57
Walter Olszewski  0.57
Janice O'Mara 0.57
John Bava 0.51
Edward Morgan 0.51
Kurt Dasher  0.48
Barbara Hill  0.43
Ruth Nawotniak 0.43
Patricia Haynes 0.33
Terrence Camp 0.33
Carol Bedell  0.33
Rajat Basu 0.33
Maria Amlani 0.24

• • •
Message from Unit 116:

Below is a List of On-Line Games With Connections to clubs  in Unit 116
For information and details, contact the owner/ manager.

Airport Bridge Club                      Bill Finkelstein 716-836-7016

Bridge Center of Buffalo               Dian Petrov 716-668-1226

Bridge Club Meridian                     Dian Petrov 716-668-1226

Delaware Wednesday Night         Ed Harman 716-480-1666

Lockport Duplicate                         Dian Petrov 716-668-1226

• • •

Important update:

To: Members of ACBL Unit 116

The Board of Directors has made some decisions about up-coming events.
1.    The Spring Sectional of April 24-26 is CANCELLED and will not be rescheduled.
2.    The Non-Life-Master Sectional of May 16 and 17 is 
CANCELLED and will not be rescheduled.
3.    The Spring Session of Youth Bridge Lessons has been 
CANCELLED and will not be rescheduled.

Hopefully by mid to late summer we will have some relief. Our picnic on August 2 and the Fall Sectional on September 11-13 are still on the calendar and we are making plans for them.

Stay well, take care of yourself and others.

Betty Metz, President Unit 116

All local Unit 116 ACBL Sanctioned clubs are closed until further notice.

Spring is Around the Corner,

As we head into milder weather, let’s check out the Bridge opportunities that are available.


Unit Picnic is Sunday August 2 (Lunch and game)
Fall Sectional is Sept. 11-13
Annual Meeting Saturday, December 5 (Lunch and game)

In addition, we have Spring and Fall Unit Games Weeks. Play at your favorite club and earn Unit Rated Points. These take place  November 1-7.

Please Note:  The unit board has made some changes to our sectionals. It is a reality that numbers of players are down for all events and at the very same time expenses for rent and food are rising. In response, the board has decided to increase the price to $12, lower the quantity of food and slim down the number of free plays that are given out.

Other Bridge Activities  include:
Our mentoring program continues for the first half of the year. Time to get in on it by calling John Bava to be a mentor or mentee.

The youth classes continue on Sundays. Several students are planning on the Summer National. Three levels of classes run each week. We appreciate the teachers and buddies who continue this work.

Enjoy and be kind
Betty Metz, President Unit 116

• • •


Unit 116 is pleased to announce the continuation of our Bridge Mentoring Program.
In the July to December period of 2019, we had 13 mentoring pairs and we already have 4 pairs signed up for the January to June time period in 2020.
To participate, Mentees should have at least 5 Master Points, but no more than 300 Master Points. This is intended to include players with basics and those who have a basic commitment.
You can participate in one of two ways. First, approach potential Mentors with whom you already have a relationship, with the view of forming a Mentee/Mentor relationship. Then, inform me. If you have previously participated in the program, you should select a new Mentor.
Second, if you would like Unit 116 to assign a Mentor, reach out directly to me. Also, anyone interested in being a Mentor should also reach out to me.
The Mentee/Mentor pair is required to play 5 times between the establishment of your partnership and June 30th of 2020, in club games at any of the Unit sanctioned clubs (see list of clubs with their playing schedules at the Unit website www.unit116.com).
Mentees and Mentors pay their own entry fees, and the Unit subsequently reimburses the Mentor for entry fees. (Pair needs to keep track of games played for Mentor to submit a reimbursement request).
For questions or additional details, please contact me.
Good luck and have fun.
John Bava

• • • 

 Youth Bridge

—What’s New?

Our fall program of bridge lessons began September 8, 2019 and concluded November 24,2019 with a mini-tournament followed by a pizza party. Students and parents were invited to attend. We had 36 students signed up on the roster. Do check out the photos on the link…It was a very lovely day…A good time was held by all. Our next set of lessons begin after the holidays in January.

Wishing you all good tidings and a happy, healthy New Year!

Carol Bedell - Youth Bridge Coordinator

Slideshows from Kid's Tournament on November 24, 2019:

Bridge is the most entertaining, challenging and therefore popular card game in the world, played by people worldwide. It is a team game; you have a partner and play with four people at the table. You can play socially or competitively locally, nationally or internationally. When playing in competition, you and your partner learn to communicate without talking.

Some of the many benefits of bridge include improved memory, concentration and judgment, development of logic, decision-making skills as well as teamwork and social skills. It is a game for all ages. It is a game best learned when you are young and enjoyed for the rest of your life. It is a game that you can spend your whole life studying, learning and playing yet never fully mastering. There are even college scholarships for college teams that compete in bridge.

This coming January, free beginner bridge classes for students beginning in grades 5 through12 will be held at The Bridge Center of Buffalo located in the plaza at the corner of Sweet Home & Sheridan Drive. (address: 3362 Sheridan Drive) The class will begin Sunday 01/12/20 and continue for 8 sessions. You will be provided with a schedule of classes. The first class will run from 10:30 am-12:30 pm on Sunday.

Continuing lessons will take place at this time as well. Students are promoted once our teachers feel that they are ready for the next step. We offer beginner classes, intermediate classes and advanced classes as well. For more information and to sign up, contact Carol Bedell, youth bridge coordinator (email: lorac5@roadrunner.com). Refreshments will be served. Bridge is great fun and kids are encouraged to bring their friends. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Ethan Xie competed in the US Junior team trials in Atlanta in December. His team lost by 1 IMP in the finals. They were just notified that the US will be sending 2 teams so he and his U16 team will be going to Italy this summer to play in the World Junior Championship.

• • •

Check the Duplicate Bridge column in The Buffalo News each Saturday for weekly game results and other announcements. Unfortunately, space there is limited, but additional results, more complete announcements and other information can be found in the weekly Internet version of the column at www.buffalonews.com. For quickest results, search the words "duplicate bridge" and Saturday's date. For the latest information and detailed game results directly from the clubs, check the web sites of clubs in Western New York.


Welcome to the Western New York Unit 116 website.  Our unit of over 350 dedicated bridge players is part of the American Contract Bridge League’s District Five.  Geographically, we encompass the counties of Erie and Niagara, at the eastern end of Lake Erie and western end of Lake Ontario, in New York State.  We often have players from across the Canadian border playing at our clubs.

Our goal is to promote bridge and support local bridge clubs.   We have six open, active clubs. We host three sectionals each year – January, April/May, and September – as well as a Non-Life Master sectional in the summer.  The District Five Regional is held at the end of October and famously titled “Spooktacular”.  



Coming to Unit 116!

Unit Picnic
August 2, 2020
Main-Transit Firehall
6777 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221
Fall Unit Championship Games Week - at participating clubs (see sanction numbers at Calendar page)
November 1-7, 2020


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