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Welcome to Unit 116, District 5 Home Page


Hell-o to all;
Now that we have had another successful  January  Sectional, we can move along to our next events.  My thanks to all our volunteers, bakers and my Co-Chair, Barbara Libby. Those are the people that make a good sectional great. We were up three (3) tables from  January 2017.

Thinking ahead, the Spring Sectional will be April 13-15, chaired by Betty Metz and Terry Fraas. If IRS filing season concerns you, think about filing an extension (not official advice). It will be at the Main-Transit Fire Hall again. Please note the flyer on the website. As you see all of our information is on line now, so it can be updated as needed.

At that event we will be announcing the Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs awards. I would like to congratulate Terry and Bram Hamovitch and Janet Desmon for winning the 0-5 point category. That is the first step toward your bridge career.

The Board did assign a Unit Games in clubs week for May 14-19 and again November 12-17. These are your chances to participate in your club and garner some points.
Best wishes to all, 

Sue Neubecker
President, Unit 116
• • •
Unit 116 Spring Sectional
April  13- 15, 2018
Main Transit Fire Hall
6777 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221

Friday 4/13 Pairs
Food Truck Information:   "Souped Up" - homemade soups and sandwiches 
10:30 am Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
2:30 pm Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
 10:30 am & 2:30pm Double session stratified A/B/C pairs
(Food Truck available for lunch purchase)

Saturday 4/14 Pairs
Food Truck Information:   "Chefs" - Italian Favorites 

 10:30 am Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
2:30 pm Single session stratified A/B/C pairs
 10:30 am &2:30pm Double session stratified A/B/C pairs
 (Food Truck will be available for lunch purchase)

Sunday 4/15 Swiss Teams
Swiss Teams
10:30 am Stratified A/B/C (with short break)
 (Subs will be available for purchase)

Stratum “A” – 2000 + Stratum "B" - 500 to 2000 Stratum "C" - 0 to 500
Pairs and teams stratified by average masterpoints

Chair: Betty Metz 716-773-7398   bettymetz@roadrunner.com
 Co-chair: Terry Fraas 716-998-4808   TMFRAAS@gmail.com
 Partnership : Dian Petrov 716-688-1226   dpetrov@roadrunner.com

• • • •
alertACBL requires all players in sectional or above games to be members of ACBL. There are two categories:
Players who at one time were members but are not up to date with dues. They will pay an additional $4 per session and use their original player number.
Players who have never been members. They can buy a one month membership for $7.99 and will be issued a player number. In the future if this player wishes to play they can buy another one month membership (or full membership) and they will use the original player number.

• • •

Update on school bridge program

Bridge classes have begun for middle school and high school students at The Bridge Center of Buffalo. The classes are being offered on Sundays from 11:30 am-1:30 pm. Currently, we have seventeen students in attendance. Fred Yellen is teaching the beginners (9 students); Jim Gullo is working with 8 advanced students focusing on the play of the hand. The program will continue until the middle of March and resume once again in April after spring recess.

As I have mentioned before, the need for bridge buddies (helpers) is more important than ever. When students are absent, bridge buddies sit in and make it possible to have an even number of tables so all of the students can participate in the play of the hand. In addition, it is important to have bridge buddies available to help students who are having difficulties with bidding, play of the hand, etc. and need extra assistance. We like to have at least one buddy at every table. If you are interested in helping, please email me at lorac5@roadrunner.com. The role of the bridge buddy is critical to the success of the program.
Carol Bedell


  Fred Yellen and Jim Gullo  with the Unit 116 students at  2017 Toronto Youth North American Bridge Championship.


Four players from the summer classes for middle and high school students at the Bridge Center of Buffalo found success in the Youth North American Bridge Championship Tournament July 20 to July 30 in Toronto. Tyler Mu, Daren Liu, Colleen Stewart and Michael Passucci won four times in their divisions.

• • •

Check the Duplicate Bridge column in The Buffalo News each Saturday for weekly game results and other announcements. Unfortunately, space there is limited, but additional results, more complete announcements and other information can be found in the weekly Internet version of the column at www.buffalonews.com. For quickest results, search the words "duplicate bridge" and Saturday's date. For the latest information and detailed game results directly from the clubs, check the web sites of clubs in Western New York.


Welcome to the Western New York Unit 116 website.  Our unit of over 350 dedicated bridge players is part of the American Contract Bridge League’s District Five.  Geographically, we encompass the counties of Erie and Niagara, at the eastern end of Lake Erie and western end of Lake Ontario, in New York State.  We often have players from across the Canadian border playing at our clubs.

Our goal is to promote bridge and support local bridge clubs.   We have six open, active clubs. We host three sectionals each year – January, April/May, and September – as well as a Non-Life Master sectional in the summer.  The District Five Regional is held at the end of October and famously titled “Spooktacular”.  



Coming to Unit 116!

April 13-15, 2018

Main Transit Fire Hall
6777 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221
May 14-19, 2018 Unit Games week at participating clubs
BUFFALO FALL SECTIONAL  September 21-23, 2018
Main Transit Fire Hall
6777 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221


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