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Welcome to Unit 116, District 5 Home Page

Schedule 2018

June 30 -July 1       NLM Sectional                      1807099         Bridge Center of Buffalo Link


August 12 Annual Picnic   L808116A (morning)     L808116B(afternoon)      Rescue  Firehall in Tonawanda Link           


Sept 21-23 2018   Fall Sectional                         1809047          Main-Transit Fire House   


Oct 16-21, 2018   District 5 Regional                                             Adams Mark Hotel,Buffalo 


November 12 - 17, 2018   Unit Games week at participating clubs

Day,Time slot,Sanction:   

            Mon. morning    L811116A
            Tues. morning    L811116B
            Tues. afternoon    L811116C
            Tues. evening    L811116D
            Wed. morning    L811116E
            Thurs. morning    L811116F
            Thurs. afternoon    L811116G
            Thurs. evening    L811116H
            Fri. morning        L811116I
            Sat. afternoon    L811116J


December 2, 2018           Annual Meeting & Game   L812116A       North Tonawanda   


Schedule 2019     


Jan 25-27 2019   Winter Sectional                    1901030          Main-Transit Fire House               

Apr 5-7 2019       Spring Sectional                     1904037          Main-Transit Fire House               

Sept 20-22 2019  Fall Sectional                          1909039               Main-Transit Fire House         

Oct 15-20 2019   District Regional                                              Adams Mark Hotel,Buffalo           

Dec 7 2019           Annual Meeting & Game                            Main-Transit Fire House



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